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I would like to have a line-up for our District competition done next week.  Please review the following information and email me if I have

you in the wrong classification. 

If I am missing your roster, I have also indicated that on this list.  Remember, your roster should list your participants in the order you'd like

to have them announced if you place at the tournament.  (This order is not the order of the competition;

I create that using a random number generator.)


2A Small


Greater Johnstown

Chestnut Ridge

United - need roster

Portage Area


Forest Hills - need roster

Philipsburg Osceola


Bald Eagle Area

West Shamokin

2A Large

Bishop McCort


3A Small

Mifflin County - need roster

State College Area

3A Large


Bellefonte *co-ed

I have not deposited any checks yet.  Next week, I will give the checks to the District 6 treasurer.  If your school is unable to participate in the

tournament nd you know by next week, I will return your original check.  Otherwise, entry fees will be non-refundable unless the tournament is cancelled.






The District 5/6 Competitive Spirit Championship will now be held on Saturday, March 13, 2021 at the Altoona High School Fieldhouse. T

his date should allow you and your squads enough time to register for the State Championship Tournament for those that qualify. Please note:

A potential conflict with this date is that some basketball championships are scheduled for March 12, and should these games be affected by

weather, they could be rescheduled for March 13. However, we will work though these issues at the time should they arise.

If you have to change anything about your registration (rosters, classifications, etc.), please do so and send me the changes by Tuesday, January 19.

Otherwise, I will assume your roster as you submitted it in November is correct. (Remember, the order your athletes were listed on the roster is how

they will be announced should you win.) If any squad was prohibited from participating in December but may now be permitted to attend, you may send

me your registration forms now. I have attached the forms to this email.

Additionally, Jody Rainey will continue to accept apparel orders for Competitive Spirit through the end of January. If possible, please submit your team's

order at once so it can be delivered to you directly for you to distribute, particularly as many orders are being shipped this year. I have also attached the

apparel order forms for you.

Finally, I will wait until late February/early March to send out final details about tickets, attendance, etc. We will follow the most recent requirements of the

state and the host site.

Thank you for your patience,

Kenneth J. Kerchenske
High School Principal / Director of Education


Pre-order Form for Cheerleading apparel


Today was the deadline for registration for the District V/VI competitive spirit competition.  Given that some schools are not even sure whether

or not they are going to allow winter sports or when they can start, I will continue to take registration forms, but please try to submit them by the

end of this week.  Knowing how many squads are competing will help me determine the logistics of the tournament.  

Late this week or early next week, I plan to schedule a ZOOM meeting for coaches and/or Athletic Directors of schools who have registered for the

tournament.  If you are unsure whether or not you are participating in this year's competition, feel free to attend the ZOOM for further information. 

Just let me know you are thinking of participating so I can invite you to the meeting.

Again, the registration form can be found here:


Stay safe,




Apparel Information (sizes, etc)


D6 Cheer Clothing Flier and Order Form. You can see the design in color on this attachment.

Also, please use the group order form when sending orders. It expediates the process and makes management of the

processing or orders much more efficient.

If choosing customizations all customizations need to have the same wording and color. Wording can include School Name,

School Mascot Name, Both Name and Mascot or a tam slogan. Again, all orders need to have the same customization. NO NAMES,

If you desire to do a group team order and then a parent group order a few days later that works. I realize it takes a little longer to

gather items and sizes from boosters than it does the kids. You can email the orders to me in advance of your payments.

Payments can be sent via mail to the address on the attached forms. My email for orders is also on the forms.


On Tuesday, the PIAA Competitive Spirit Steering Committee met via ZOOM to review changes to the State Championship

this year.

Most importantly, the championship at the Giant Center will be shortened to a one day event, which could be held on

Jan. 29 or Jan. 30, 2021.

To accommodate the shortened event, the number of qualifiers from each district has been reduced (see attached document).

District 5/6 will now have one 3A qualifier and five 2A qualifiers.

I will work with the Altoona Area School District to discuss occupancy limits for the field house closer to the date of the tournament.

We may have to consider limiting the number of teams in the field house at once or limiting the number of spectators - if any -

that each team may bring.

I am new to the world of Competitive Spirit, so if any coaches or advisors have suggestions for how to run the event, please email me.

A natural solution would be to have 3A squads compete and then leave the field house prior to 2A squads competing, but obviously

most of our squads are from 2A schools. We could also make everyone from small 2A squads leave before those from large 2A squads

enter the site, but these schools are competing against one another for qualifying positions, so qualifiers could actually have left the field

house by the time the results are announced. Obviously, that situation is not optimal.

If you still need a registration form, you can download one here:


Ken Kerchenske



Competitive Spirit (Cheerleading) championships will be held at
the Altoona Area High School Fieldhouse on Saturday, December 19, 2020.   (Make up date is January 9, 2021.)


Please note that the divisions have been realigned statewide to account for the size of the high school

and the number of members on the squad.


Registration Form (PDF)       Registration Form (MS Word)


Contact: Teri Maser <> 


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