Brackets for 2019 District VI Playoffs


Rankings 2019 As of 10/27/19 - to establish the D6 rankings


       2019 State Football Championship Brackets


New Rules for 2019 Football Season



District Six Schedules/Results 2017    

Week Zero 8/25-8/26 Week One 9/1-9/2 Week Two 9/8-9/9
Week Three 9/15-9/16 Week Four 9/22-9/23*** Week Five 9/29-9/30
Week Six 10/6-10/7 Week Seven 10/13-10/14 Week Eight 10/20-10/21
Week Nine 10/27-10/28 Week Ten 11/3-11/4  Week Eleven 11/10-11/11
Week Twelve 11/17-11/18 Week Thirteen 11/24-11/25 Week Fourteen 12/1-12/2
Week Fifteen (PIAA Finals) 12/7-12/9    
Score Stream Scoreboard College & Dist 4 Scores


2017 Ranking Point System


District 6 OFFICIAL Rankings 2017 Season (Will post by each Monday)


Brackets for 2017 District 6 Championships (to be made official after Sunday's Coaches' meeting)




PIAA State Football play-off brackets   

Class A & Class AA Class AAA & AAAA Class AAAAA & AAAAAA





Congratulation to Coach Wheeler and the Bishop Guilfoyle Team.
State Champs for the THIRD Consecutive year!



PIAA football Championships play-by-play recaps
after each game. Rich Vetock reporting.

Check Photos from each game.



Review all of the Games on PCN TV live



District Six Schedules/Results 2016    

Week Zero 8/26-8/27 Week One 9/2-9/3 Week Two 9/9-9/10
Week Three 9/15-9/17 Week Four 9/22-9/23 Week Five 9/29-10/1
Week Six 10/7-10/8 Week Seven 10/14-10/15 Week Eight 10/21-10/24
Week Nine 10/20-10/29 Week Ten 11/4-11/5  Week Eleven 11/10-11/12
Week Twelve 11/17-11/19 Week Thirteen 11/25-11/26 Week Fourteen 12/2-12/3
Week Fifteen (PIAA Finals) 12/8-12/10    
Final  2016 District 6 Brackets     
PIAA Brackets (Eastern Pa A    AA    AAA    AAAA   AAAAA    AAAAAA
PIAA Brackets Template 1A_4A PIAA Brackets Template 5A_6A


2016 Revised Ranking Point System


District 6 OFFICIAL Rankings 2016 Season (Will post by each Monday)




Radio broadcasts are $75.00 payable to “PIAA District 6” given to the game manager upon arrival.  PIAA District 6 and its member schools are not
obligated to provide a connection for broadcasting purposes. 

Class A-3A championships will be broadcast live on WHVL.  These games will kick-off at 7:07pm.


Periscope, Facebook Live and other applications used to broadcasts events live are prohibited.

Applications and devices used to record video of play-off contests are permitted to be used for the purposes of providing highlights. 
Such highlights are limited to 90 seconds as defined by the PIAA’s policy.


Number of Qualifiers and REVISED Power Point System (effective 2016-2017 season)
Class 1A = Top 12  Qualify

Class 2A = Top 8

Class 3A = Top 6

Class 4A = Top 4
Class 5A = 2 D6 teams (see chart as link above for others)
Class 6A = Top 2 teams ranked (Dist 6, D8, D10)





D6 Final Brackets 2015             Projected 6 Classifications 2016-2018


Relive 2015 PIAA State Football Championships play-by-play (with Rich Vetock & Tom Elling)  Photos, too.




District 1 District 2 District 3  
District 4 District 5 District 7  
District 8 District 9 District 10  
District 11 District 12    
6A 5A 4A  
3A 2A 1A  



PIAA Statewide Pairings (compliments of



   PIAA State Championship Brackets 2015

     All-Time District 6 Football Champions  (compiled by Bob Hower) 


Tiebreakers for District 6 Playoff Qualifiers.

1. Head-to-Head
2. Record vs Common Opponents
3. Opponents' Winning Percentage
4. Coin Toss






Ray Wotkowski- Chairman

2010 Class A Brackets/Pairings Class AA Class AAA Dist 6/9/10 Class AAAA


PIAA State Championship Brackets 2010



Bishop McCort Football page

Ranking Points Summary Table

2009 Brackets: Class A   Class AA   Class AAA  Class AAAA

Past District Champions  (thanks to Bob Hower for assisting with this)


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