Athletic Directors' Minutes

. Call to order

9:02am, Wednesday May 20th by President Dean Rossi
II. Approval of Membership
Members Present: Altoona, Bald Eagle, Bedford, Bellefonte, Bellwood-Antis, Bishop Carroll, Bishop Guilfoyle, Bishop McCort, Blacklick Valley, Cambria Heights, Central, Central Cambria, Central Mountain, Claysburg-Kimmel, Conemaugh Valley, Ferndale, Forest Hills, Glendale, Harmony, Hollidaysburg,
Homer Center, Indian Valley, Johnstown, Juniata Valley, Lewistown, Ligonier Valley, Marion Center, Moshannon Valley, Mount Union, Penn Cambria, Penns Manor, Penns Valley, Philipsburg-Osceola, Portage, Richland, Somerset,
Southern Huntingdon, State College, Tyrone, West Branch
III. Financial Report
Presented to membership by John Bomboy, Marion Center
1st - Penns Valley
2nd - Bishop Guilfoyle
IV. Junior High Wrestling
Coach Denny Drake of Mount Union presented a proposal to the membership regarding an end of season jr. high wrestling tournament. The proposal include information pertaining to a one day tournament comprised of 35 teams. The $60 coaches association fee (in addition to a $6 admission charge) will cover the cost of the tournament with no cost to the schools (except transportation). The association plans on paying eight refs at a rate of $150 per day, utilizing newer officials. Possible date of the event would be the Saturday of State Duals. Mr. Drake requested the membership to support this proposal pertaining to a waiver of the maximum number of competitions. Mr. Rossi thanked Mr. Drake for his time and presentation.
Penns Valley stated that the presented budget numbers are realistic. Johnstown asked Mr. Rossi if the jr. high track & field meet is profitable. Philipsburg Osceola stated that jr. high should be treated as a feeder program without an emphasis on winning. Portage stated that extending the jr. high season with a tournament could expose schools to extend coaches pay. Cambria Heights recommended schools lower competition points to 19 and use the three unallocated points for a season end tournament. Bellwood-Antis questioned what is the goal of a jr. high tournament. Richland commented that the tournament should be run by District VI if we decide to have a season ending tournament (not a coaches association). Claysburg-Kimmel stated that there would be other costs than just buses to schools as a tournament would evolve. State College is not sure they would have room to hold a tournament. SCASD requires “proof of insurance” for renters. Would the coaches association have this insurance? West Branch stated the tournament could conflict with PA JO series (non PIAA events). Bellwood-Antis stated that the running of this tournament looks like means to obtain a waiver of points. Marion Center listed a number of potential problems including: (1) location of the tournament (2) no “wrestle backs” with a one day tournament (3) next year would there be a request asking for a two day tournament? Cambria Heights questioned how teams would be seeded. Bishop McCort raised the issue of the cost factor for other jr. high championships. Bedford questioned if teams would be mandated to be in a district tournament (answer: no). Bellwood-Antis questioned if we should get rid of the jr. high track & field tournament to be consistant with our memberships application of season ending tournaments. Ligonier Valley motioned for the membership not to support a jr. high season ending championship tournament. Motion was seconded by Indian Valley. Motion defeated unanimously with absentions by Bishop Guilfoyle, Bishop McCort and Mount Union.
Mr. Rossi provided information to the membership regarding the jr. high track and field championships as many questions arose from the wrestling discussion. District VI collects a $10 per athlete fee for the meet. Seventeen teams were represented at the championships. Hollidaysburg stated that the large schools is the district were thinking about moving up all ninth graders to varsity track teams.
The above discussion will be brought to the District VI committee by Hollidaysburg and discussed again in the fall.
While on the subject of track & field, Bellwood-Antis asked why there is no admission charge to the varsity track & field championships, while other spring championships (baseball, softball & volleyball) charge $6 for adults and $3 for students. Mr. Rossi explained that Altoona charges a higher fee for the use of Manshon Park if District VI were to charge an admission fee. Bellwood-Antis stated that with the number of pations at the championships, District VI should surely make a profit with an admission charge, even with an increased fee. Bellwood-Antis also questioned if another school could host the championships at a lower cost than Altoona. Can District VI negotiate deals for better costs? Forest Hills questioned paying $6 admission to watch one student run the 100 meter dash. Bellwood-Antis stated that even though the 100 meter dash is a quick meet, most likely that athlete could be participating in multiple events. Mr. Rossi will re-visit the idea about changes to track & field.
V. District Baseball
A reminder to all schools participating in the District VI championships at Blair County Ballpark that the new ownership will not allow batting practice in the infield. Additionally no bull pen pitchers mounds are to be used.
District Champions:
AAAA - Hollidaysburg
AAA - Bellefonte
AA - Bald Eagle
A - Bishop McCort
V. District Boy’s Volleyball
AAA District VI, IX & X sub regional at DuBois HS
AA District VI championships at Central HS
Districts Champions:
AAA - State College
AA - Huntingdon
VI. Softball
District Champions:
AAAA - State College
AA - Bald Eagle
A - Claysburg-Kimmel
VII. Boy’s Tennis
With the tennis tournament, President Rossi asked if there were any concerns with the boy’s tournament. No concerns were raised.
District Champions:
AAA Team - State College
AAA Doubles - State College
AAA Singles - State College
AA Team - Somerset
AA Doubles - Westmont-Hilltop
AA Singles - Central
VIII. Track & Field
Mansion Park hosted a great meet with great officials. For the first time, District VI used a new computerized system, which was efficient and worked great. Results using the new system are known immediately.
IX. Football
At this time, we are still unsure how the vote will transpire. Belief is that there will be one vote on six classes of football with a second vote on shorting the season to 15 weeks.
Penn Cambria asked if the WPIHL did not go to the football championships, would the PIAA remove the league from all PIAA Championships?  Bellwood asked if this would lead to greater picking and choosing which championships certain teams would play in.  State College informed the membership that D6 is voting in favor of six classifications.  Johnstown stated that with additional divisions, additional teams could qualify for the playoffs.  Bellwood inquired when will District 6 change the playoff football formula for reimbursement to benefite the member schools who participate with a greater share of the money.  Mr. Rossi stated that he would bring up the issue to the District 6 committee.
X. Sportsmanship
Starting 2008-09, one male and one female athlete from each school will be nominated to District 6 as their respective sportsman of the year.  From the pool of applicants, eight students will be selected at random for a $500 scholarship.  Each school should have received in the mail a medal to present to their sportsmanship winners.
XI.  Old Issues for Discussion
XII.  New Issues for Discussion
Hollidaysburg discussed the continuation of presenting a 2nd place team trophy at the District Championships.  West Branch felt that they were moved off the field too quicky after taking 2nd in softball the prior year.  Indian Valley has a lack of space to display a number of trophies.  In place, they asked District 6 to consider handing our 2nd place medals to all participants.  Central likes the idea of both medals and a team trophy.  Portage likes the idea of student athletes wearing the medals they just won.  Marion Center made a motion and Central Cambria seconded to ask the District 6 Committee to quit awarding the 2nd place trophy and in place hand out 2nd place medals to the participants.  Approved unaminously.
Central Cambria and Greater Johnstown talked about their Laurel Highlands Conference initative on Sportsmanship.  Students from all schools of the conference met at Greater Johnstown High School recently to address the role of sportsmanship in our lives.  Discussion centered around a code of conduct by student athletes and using good taste in place of bad taste for student cheer groups.
Marion Center asked a general question of the membership to see how many AD's teach more that 5 classes per day (three respondents).
Penns Valley updated Wrestling dates for next season.  AAA and AA will switch weeks from the previous year due to the holiday and AA needing two days to crown it's champions at Altoona.
XIII.  Election of Officers
With the retirement of Vince Neidmyer, the position of Secretary for the membership is open.  Marion Center nominated Chuck Gojmerac of Central for the position.  Bellwood-Antis 2nd.  Motion was approved unaminously.
Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 10:00am.  Location is Central Cambria High School.
Open Dates:
Ligonier Valley - one team for a Girl's Basketball tournament on 12/29 & 12/30
Cambria Heights - openings for both Boy's and Girl's basketball tournaments.  Contact their AD for more information.
Harmony - Looking for two boy's varsity basketball games.