District VI AD Meeting

Wednesday, May 26, 2010



                Baseball – Portage  4/30/11 need 2 teams for a tournament – 2 guaranteed games

                Basketball – Girls – Portage  1 regular season game.

                Football – Portage needs scrimmage 8-27

                Basketball – Girls – Bishop McCort 2 regular season games needed.


1.       Call to order – 10:03am

2.       Approval of minutes – Huntingdon 1st  Bellwood-Antis  2nd

3.       Financial Report – In good shape.  Dues to be sent out w/ D6 card.  PV 1st, United 2nd

4.       Baseball – Overall good idea going to electronic format for collecting data.  Recommendation from Portage, move back baseball 2 more days to allow more games get in for seeding purpouses.  For teams in finals, spikes are not OK for infield practice.  Lights will also be turned on when it begins getting dark at BCB.

5.       Softball – Tournament progressing fine with weather.  Legion field in Hollidaysburg is hosting A, and AA finals.  Bellwood asks why Softball has D6 refs sign in.  MC stated for baseball, the crew chief had the sign-in sheet for his crew at baseball.

6.       Track & Field -  States start in Shippensburg this coming weekend.  Good representation by District VI.  AA was pushed back a day due to weather issues.  State issues in Track:  A WPIAL school (Trinity) wants the state to go to three classifications for the state tournament.  PV commented that the XC issue of going to three classes is not dead.  Three classes in XC are beneficial to District VI (according to Penns Valley).  Portage thinks having three classes is a good idea for District VI.  Juniata Valley states it is tough being a small school to get an athlete to the state tournament.  Majority of AD’s sampled are in favor of District VI going to three classes.  Dean Rossi will contact District VII and say that they have our support.  Jr. High Javelin issue.  Pros and Cons of having javelin at dual meets??  BA asks if they have the pole vault.  Answer yes.  So if they have a pole vault why not the javelin?  Schools have the right individually to limit or eliminate events, but as a district we do not have a right to eliminate an event.  Additional future discussion on this issue.  AD’s ask your track coach his/her opinion. 

7.       Tennis – Good tournament.

8.       Volleyball – Good Tournament

9.       Election of officers

10.   Old Business – Saltsburg questioning 3-6 record getting into football playoffs.  Dean said there are 16 spots in class A.  BA two years ago there were byes if you did not have 4 wins by the 8th week.  BA stated that some information was not previously openly sent to school via the previous football tournament director.  With the change in tournament directors the information may not have been presented clearly.  BV wants a change that at least 4 wins are needed to enter districts.  Portage – was there a back door agenda with allowing teams with less than 4 wins entering a playoff?  Last Portage remembers was there was an agreement with AD’s that 4 wins were needed for the A playoffs.  BV week 8 was the declare date with four wins your intention of going to playoffs.  United asked if a 12 team playoff would be a fix for this discussion?  BC if you don’t want to go, you don’t have to go as it is an open tournament.  Saltsburg stressed the change happened without notification to the AD’s.  MC requests a motion be made that a four win minimum be needed for A playoffs after the ninth play date.  BV 2nds the motion.  Discussion:   CH – will this recommendation be overturned like it appears it may have been done previously.  BA – if motion passes, strong discussion of play by classification might return.  District VI has diversity in numbers and it does not make “play by class” much of a reality.  There will be concern for the members of the group in which bracket the three private school end up participating with.  BA – play by class is not good for the life of football in PA.  PV – only A schools should vote as it is an A school issue only.  20 A schools raised their hands as being in attendance. Roberts rules:  not sure the answer if it passes or not.  16 yes, 12 no, and 15 abstentions.  BA – District football chairman did make phone calls to schools prior to playoffs.  BA motion to keep schedule by leagues and not go to play by classification.  2nd by Mount Union.  This association does not want to hear classification for football.  Portage thinks all playoff games should remain on Friday nights.  An exception was made last year for one team.  BC – the casual football fan gets to see more games when they are played Friday and Saturday.  FH – will there be enough officials for all Friday games?  Hollidaysburg – we all play Friday night games now.  No motion needed, but Dean and Don will bring it up to the District VI committee about schools wanting to play on Friday nights for playoff games.

11.   New Business – Laurel Valley and Ligonier Valley are consolidating into Ligonier Valley.  Heritage conference – in football all schools have a bye unless some teams find a game for the “open date”.  Ralph – Heritage conference should give DVI their opinion as to count all 9 if they have games or divide by 8 if a team cannot find a 9th game.  District committee not interested in giving out “forfeit” wins for the playoffs.  District VI feels it is not a very wise decision to hire relatives or school board members who are close to the school in the capacity of an official.  Football – remember shoulder pads are OK but “skin-on-skin” contact is not legal.  MC – revision of CIPPEE and the timing is horrible!!!  Penns Valley had a problem with AAA team dual wrestling.  Had to go deep to field a tournament as many did not want to enter this year.  Don needs a decision by June 15th.  Use to be at 4 and the committee expanded to 6 teams.  AAA schools – notify Don Hosterman within a week if you want to keep 6.  If so, Don will make it obligated to attend.

12.   Central Cambria is under renovations.  Parking will be very limited.  The fall meeting will be changed to 9-22-2010 at the Blair County Convention Center.  Central Cambria still has to bring the sticky buns.

13.   Election of officers refer back to point 9.  Mount Union motions to keep same slate.  Saltsburg 2nd the motion.  Officers passes.

14.   Motion to Adjourn  1st Lewistown, 2nd Bellefonte.