2022 PIAA District 6 Play-off Memo (Rev 9/27/2022)

Football on playing field graphic

2022 PIAA District 6 Football Play-offs  Revised 09/27/2022 Class A – 8 Teams                                           PIAA play-offs: Host Week 13   Week 10: Top 8 qualify, Top 4 host  Week 11: D6 Semi-finals hosted at Top seeds  Week 12: D6 Championship @ Altoona, Date and Time TBD …

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2022 Football Play-offs

The district will use the”Ranking Points” column (last column in rankings) for play-off rankings. 2022 Football Tie Breakers Head to Head Record vs. Common Opponents Opponents’ Winning Percentage Coin Toss (conducted virtually w/ Select D6 Committee members and relevant schools

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