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Updated: September 24, 2020

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Starting 1/1/09

From District Chair Bill Marshall (9/24/2020)

Yesterday the PIAA BOD approved the attached plan for Fall Sports State Championships. This year's tourney will be a tournament of champions with only D6 champions qualifying for team state playoffs. The D6 Committee will develop a schedule for our playoffs in soccer, volleyball and football at our meeting next Thursday. Just a reminder the PIAA BOD previously approved that schools could still compete after the playoffs start if they did not qualify. You may NEVER compete in more regular seasons contests then the by-laws allow.

As stated by PIAA Attorney Alan Boynton is today's Altoona Mirror, "If the 3rd Circuit Court grants the stay, schools would be back to where the Governor had them before (25 indoor and 250 outdoor maximums.)" Be sure you have plans in place if that order comes down at 4 PM on Friday.

I would also like to thank all of the D6 schools that included information in their public announcement of their new spectators policies the importance of adhering to all the mandates in place and supporting the belief that none of us want sports to be closing D6 schools. I've spoken to many of you and your Superintendents and all of us want to see our stadiums and gymnasiums packed with fans but not at the expense of education and the safety of all involved.

PIAA Memo 9/21/2020 


School to School Communication Guidelines for Return to Sport Competition

  1. Schools scheduled to play each other must report to their opponent, in a reasonable time frame, any case of Covid-19 within their team members and coaching staff.
  2. Schools that have any case of Covid-19 within team members and coaching staff must inform schools they have previously played within guidelines established by DOH and CDC.
  3. Cancellation of a contest Regular Season:
    1. A school that decides not to play in a scheduled contest due to Covid-19 concerns, the principal must report in writing of the cancellation to their opponent and to their respective District Chairman.
    2. District Committees may consider a cancelled game due to Covid-19 considerations as a non-game rather than a forfeit.
  4. Cancellation of a playoff game:
    1. A school that decides not to play in a scheduled playoff contest due to Covid-19 concerns at the District or Inter-District level, forfeits any possibility of moving into the next round.
    2. For District level contests, the principal of the school must report in writing of the school’s withdrawal from a scheduled playoff contest to the District Chairman.
    3. For Inter-District level contest, the principal of the school must report in writing of the school’s withdrawal from a scheduled playoff contest to the PIAA Executive Director and to their respective Chairman.


Chuck Sponsky passed away in Florida.
He is a former football coach and AD.
He coached at Forest Hills and Bishop Carroll.


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