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Added: 2/25/2021

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Updated: April 9, 2021

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Starting 1/1/09

             D6 Class AAA Champs 2021

Any senior high principal, junior high principal, athletic director and female athletic representative interested in serving on the PIAA Committee should have a recommendation letter submitted, on school letterhead, so their names can be placed on the ballots, to Jackie Mento at 201 6th Street, Cresson PA by March 3, 2021. They may also be emailed to mentojp@pcam.org.


If you are elected to sit on the District 6 Committee your term will start on July 1, 2021.


Senior High Representatives: This appointment is for one year and candidates are reappointed each year by the schools in District 6.


Junior High Representative: This appointment is for two years. There are two junior high representatives.


Athletic Director Representative: This appointment is for two years. Only one (of two) position is available in this cycle.


Female Athletic Representative: This appointment is for two years.

  • Candidates for this position must be employed but a member school.


Some of you have been asking if this is a D6 rule and/or interpretation or PIAA rule. D6 does not have the authority to create our own set of mandates outside of PIAA by-laws.  

This was clarified during our PIAA BOD meeting on Wednesday, January 27th. This is due to the Governors/DOHís mandate and exemption clause as it relates to masking requirements.


Our regular PIAA BOD meeting was held yesterday afternoon and I want to provide some updates.

  • Updates will start coming out from D6 Sport Chairs with specific information related to our D6 Winter Championships.
  • Teams may continue to compete up through March 27th as long as you donít exceed the minimum number of regular season competitions.
  • Teams may schedule regular season contests during the playoff windows. Ex. Long layoff between games in basketball playoffs.
  • Mike and I are going to ask Ralph to develop a Google Doc that will be requesting specific information related to your gymnasiums and masking expectations. We will get that out to all of you in early February.
  • Please make sure your coaches are reporting the results of your games to Tom Elling and Barry Kline and that your record is accurate on the D6 webpage.


Clarification on Masking

  • Once playoffs start, any team or individual athlete that refuses to compete due to masking requirements will forfeit.
    • Scenario 1: Penn Cambria school district requires all visiting teams to wear masks at any of our home events. We are a higher seed in basketball and set to host TEAM A, that team has received a waiver to not wear masks during competition. If PC says we wont play unless TEAM A wears masks, Penn Cambria would forfeit for refusing to compete.
      • I ask all of you to connect with your District leadership and confirm the stance your school will take as it relates to hosting schools that will not be wearing masks.
      • D6 would permit a school that stands firm on their home masking requirement to defer to the lower seed to host that game so they would not need to forfeit.  
    • Scenario 2: A school requires their wrestlers to wear masks. Student A is wrestling a student that is not required to wear a mask. If student A refuses to wrestle, student A forfeits.
  • The goal of D6 is to be proactive with all of these scenarios and collect information from our member schools so everyone is aware of what is expected well before the event. We do not want teams to show up for a D6 playoff game to find out the game or match will be forfeited.


We have the benefit of time since the start of D6 winter sports championships have been pushed back. I want to start these communications and discussions now so NO ONE  feels like they had to make a rushed judgement or decision. Our D6 Committee meets February 3rd and will start to finalize the specific details of each winter sport championship.


If you have any questions related to a specific winter sports championship, please reach out to that specific sports chair.



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