Rule Changes Coming
Beginning next season, wrestlers will be considered in bounds with only one point of by contact by either wrestler inside or on the boundary line.

“Without increasing risk, this change eliminates the subjectivity of the out-of-bounds call,” Elliot Hopkins, NFHS director of sports and student services and liaison to the wrestling rules committee, said in a statement. “The change also helps officials to call ‘out of bounds’ more consistently, and it provides wrestlers, coaches and spectators a better understanding of out of bounds.”

The other big changes include three points for a takedown and more points for near falls (two points for a two count, three for a three count and four for a four count).

The committee also made the 10-foot circle at the center of the mat optional. Wrestlers will now be encouraged to stay in the middle of the mat instead of within the circle.

“The committee determined that the starting lines of a mat indicate the center of the mat and the 10-foot circle is no longer needed,” Hopkins said. “With the new mat designs that have a large mascot or logos, it gives a refreshing look to the mats. Wrestlers and officials know where the center of the mat is located without the 10-foot circle.”


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    District 6 wrestling district championships and PIAA regionals dates are listed below. District 6 AA & AAA Wrestling Championships February 17 &18 at the AAHS FieldHouse AAA Regionals February 24-25 At the AAHS Field House AA Regionals March 3-4. at the AAHS Field House

Congrats to AA team duals champion Bishop McCort and AAA team duals champion Central Mountain. Bald Eagle Area placed 2nd in AA and will also be continuing to the PIAA state tournament.

Central Mountain – Class AAA District 6 TEAM Champions.

Bishop McCort – Class AA District 6 TEAM Champions.

D6 Team Results 2/3/2024

Summaries: District 6 AA

Bald Eagle Area 43 Penns Valley 18

114: Caden Judice (BEA) Won Erik Carlile (PV) (MD 10-0)

121: Jack Darlington (PV) Won Liam Purcell (BEA) (Fall 0:37)

127: Dawson Lomison (BEA) Won Tripp Watson (PV) (Dec 4-2)

133: Lucas Fye (BEA) Won Colten Shunk (PV) (Dec 9-2)

139: Connor Maney (BEA) Won Zachary Rummel (PV) (Fall 3:53)

145: Mason Reese (BEA) Won Brayden Lisowski (PV) (Fall 3:52)

152: Seth Fetterolf (PV) Won Alexander Surovec (BEA) (Dec 6-1)

160: Ty Watson (PV) Won Gavin Bennett (BEA) (Fall 2:21)

172: Ethan Fetterolf (PV) Won Cameron Dubbs (BEA) (Dec 4-3)

189: Shawn Knepp (BEA) Won Robert Martin (PV) (Fall 3:21)

215: Caleb Close (BEA) Won Brandon Corl (PV) (Fall 1:11)

285: Gage Gardner (BEA) Won Landen Hess (PV) (Dec 2-1)

107: Tanner Guenot (BEA) Won Conner Myers (PV) (Fall 3:56)


Bishop Mccort (McCort) 58 Bald Eagle Area (BEA) 15

121: Lincoln Sledzianowski (McCort) Won Forf

127: Jax Forrest (McCort) Won Lucas Fye (BEA) (Fall 1:54)

133: Mason Gibson (McCort) Won Owen Johnson (BEA) (Fall 1:20)

139: Bo Bassett (McCort) Won Kayson Tice (BEA) (Fall 0:32)

145: Sam Herring (McCort) Won Alexander Surovec (BEA) (Fall 1:36)

152: Josh Spontak (McCort) Won Harrison Harter (BEA) (Fall 1:19)

160: Melvin Miller (McCort) Won Hunter Davis (BEA) (Fall 0:49)

172: Devon Magro (McCort) Won Forf (BEA)

189: Caleb Close (BEA) Won Owen McMullen (McCort) (Dec 13-6)

215: Marquez Gordon (McCort) Won Kyle Watson (BEA) (MD 14-1)

285: Jordan Butler (McCort) Won Austin Moyle (BEA) (Fall 1:21)

107: Tanner Guenot (BEA) Won Forf

114: Caden Judice (BEA) Won Forf.


District 6 AA True second

Bald Eagle Area 37 Huntingdon 30

127: Lucas Fye (BEAH) over Chris Gibson (HAH) (Fall 0:53)

133: Dawson Lomison (BEAH) over Liam Simpson (HAH) (MD 9-0)

139: Eric Mykut (HAH) over Connor Maney (BEAH) (Def.)

145: Mason Reese (BEAH) over Reese Hughes (HAH) (Fall 1:27)

152: Gavin Bennett (BEAH) over Dominic Peruso (HAH) (Dec 7-1)

160: Grady Clark (HAH) over Cameron Dubbs (BEAH) (Dec 6-5)

172: Luke Uplinger (HAH) over Shawn Knepp (BEAH) (Fall 0:55)

189: Andrew McMonagle (HAH) over Kyle Watson (BEAH) (Fall 2:23)

215: Caleb Close (BEAH) over Landon Erdman (HAH) (Fall 3:02)

285: Lincoln Miller (HAH) over Gage Gardner (BEAH) (Dec 4-1)

107: Gaige Sholly (HAH) over Michael Wesley (BEAH) (Fall 0:30)

114: Tanner Guenot (BEAH) over Degan Brown (HAH) (Fall 0:48)

121: Caden Judice (BEAH) over Gavin Bilich (HAH) (Fall 1:40)


Bishop McCort 54, Huntingdon 18

Class AAA

Central Mountain 36 Mifflin County 18

114: Paxton Shawver (Mifflin Co) over Collin Bauman (CM) (Fall 1:37)

121: Aiden Kunes (CM) over Jake Knable (Mifflin Co) (Dec 10-8)

127: Blake Aumiller (Mifflin Co) over Patrick Tarantella (CM) (SV-1 8-6)

133: Kamden Everly (Mifflin Co) over Mario Serafini (CM) (Fall 2:41)

139: Carnell Noone (CM) over Brian Albert (Mifflin Co) (Fall 3:18)

145: Dalton Perry (CM) over Colby Seiler (Mifflin Co) (Fall 2:11)

152: Luke Simcox (CM) over Parker Kearns (Mifflin Co) (Dec 5-0)

160: Deakon Schaeffer (Mifflin Co) over Griffin Walizer (CM) (Dec 3-2)

172: Jacob Weaver (CM) over Avery Aurand (Mifflin Co) (Dec 3-2)

189: Bryce Brungard (CM) over Reese Christine (Mifflin Co) (SV-1 7-5)

215: Rocco Serafini (CM) over Gavin Mickey (Mifflin Co) (Dec 9-6)

285: Giovanni Tarentella (CM) over Truitt Davis (Mifflin Co) (Dec 3-1)

107: Gavin Heverly (CM) over (Mifflin Co) (For.)



107 – Gavin Heverly (CM) WMD Noah Young, 11-3; 114 – Jon Whitbred (SC) WBF Collin Bauman, 1:55; 121 – Aiden Kunes (CM) WBF Jonathan Coates, 3:35; 127 – Patrick Tarantella (CM) WMD Nicholas Barrena, 14-3; 133 – James Whitbred (SC) WTF Jaggar Pardoe, 16-0, 4:00; 139 – Dalton Perry (CM) WBF Jacob Campbell, 1:04; 145 – Pierson Manville (SC) WBF Luke Ananea, 1:48; 152 – Luke Simcox (CM) WBF Brady Bucher, :57; 160 – Griffin Walizer (CM) WBF Levi Mellott, 1:42; 172 – Jacob Weaver (CM) WBF Alijah Al-Sulaimani, :46; 189- Bryce Brungard (CM) WBF Reagan Dillon, 1:32; 215 – Rocco Serafini won by forfeit; 285 – Nick Pavlechko (SC) won by forfeit.

D6 Team Results 1/30/2024,.

Huntingdon 34   PO 27
PO 39  Forest Hills   24

United 51   Westmont 21 –

McCort 69  United 6

PV 60 – Mo Valley 15

PV 48 Mt Union 15

Juniata 35 Central 33

 BEA 58 Juniata 6

AA Semi-Finals on Saturday at BEA will begin at 10am.  Weigh ins at 9am.    Adult tickets $10  Student tickets $5.  All through hometown tickets.  Semi Finals    Penns Valley vs. BEA    Huntingdon vs Bishop McCort.  


District 6 AAA Team Championships to be hosted by Central Mountain on Saturday, February 3rd.
Semis begin at 4:00 (2 mats) – Central Mountain vs State College and Mifflin County vs Altoona. Finals match will follow the semis.
All Tickets are online at Hometown Tickets. Adult Tickets – $10, Student Ticket $5.Weigh Ins at 3pm. Semi Finals at 4pm and finals to Follow. Team dual fee is $100.
Final Standings:
Central Mountain 167.14
Mifflin County 145
Hollidaysburg 111.43 Opted out
Altoona 111.25
State College 110
Johnstown –


2023 Results

District 6 wrestling district championships and PIAA regionals dates are listed below.

District 6 AA & AAA Wrestling Championships February 17 &18 at the AAHS FieldHouse

AAA Regionals February 24-25 At the AAHS Field House Updated 02/21/23 Session Change
More NW AAA Information

AA Regionals March 3-4. at the AAHS Field House. <UPDATED Feb. 3, 2023>”

District Six Championships’ Results

PIAA State Team Championships @ Hershey’s Giant Center


Champ R1 Saucon Valley 42, United 21
Consy R1: Honesdale 27, United 25′
Champ R1: Notre Dame GP 63, Huntingdon 6

Consy R1 Huntingdon 36, Reynolds 30

Consy R2 Saucon Valley 38, Huntingdon 33


Champ R1: Central Mountain 36, Cumberland Valley 29

Champ R2: Central Mountain 31, Hempfield Area 28
Champ R3: Bethlehem Catholic 53, Central Mountain 3

Consy R4: Central Dauphin 33, Central Mountain 23

United’s Gideon Bracken
Huntingdon’s Liam Simpson
Central Mountain’s Luke Simcox

Class AAA Team Championship

Central Mountain 36, State College 34


Final RESULTS for AA team Duals

United 32 Penns Valley 27
Huntingdon 42 Bald Eagle Area 27

United 33 Huntingdon 30

Consy  Bald Eagle Area 32 PV 31


Mt Union 45 S Huntingdon 30

United 50 Mt Union 15

Forest Hills 48  Penn Cambria 25

BEA 51    Forest Hills 18

Bellefonte 33 West Branch 30

Huntingdon 33 Bellefonte 28

PO 36     Juniata 33

Penns Valley 56   PO 12